FAQ. Chain link fencing

Many of us choose wire mesh when planning on fencing a property. Its advantages can be enumerated for a long time. However, the most important are undoubtedly the attractive price and simplicity of installation. To dispel any doubts about the humble chain link fence, here are the most frequently asked questions about it.

What is the optimal distance between posts?

The recommended distance between the intermediate posts is about 2.5 meters. This distance, depending on the needs, can be reduced or increased by half a meter. Although 2.5 meters is considered the optimal and safest solution.

Remember that you should begin the installation with starting and corner posts. They will determine the most important supporting points of the fence.

The positioning of the posts plays an important role during the installation of the fence. It guarantees stability and durability. Remember that if the fence is longer than 25 meters, additional support posts with double struts should be installed, spaced just every 25 meters.

How to stretch wire mesh between the posts?

Before starting the installation of the wire mesh, check the position of the starting and corner posts. They should be firmly embedded in the ground and properly leveled. If the technical condition of the posts is good, you can install tensioning wires between them. The standard construction should contain 3 such wires: at the top, in the middle and at the bottom of the fence.

Start the assembly of the tension wires at the bottom. Pass the ends of the wire through the eyelets of the tensioners and turn the screw until the wire is tightly taut. The best effect will be obtained here if you work in a team of two. Stand at the opposite ends of the fence and turn the screws at the same time. The taut wire must still be attached to the intermediate posts with eyelets or fastening bands.

The next step is to prepare the mesh for stretching. Place the tension bars in the upper and lower part of the net. Then put the whole thing on the previously prepared tensioners. The tension bars should be at each starting post and on both sides of the corner posts – this will make your fence more durable. Place the net on the stretchers and stretch them in the same way as in the case of tension wires: each bolt should be set in the same position until the fence is under the optimal tension.

Is chain link fence the cheapest?

Steel fencing is one of the cheapest solutions. Its structure is made out of wire mesh. When you buy such an affordable fence, you have to choose the wire diameter and the method of protection against corrosion. You can buy mesh with a PVC coating or with a regular zinc layer. The galvanized one will definitely be a cheaper solution.

The most affordable fencing solution on the market is stock fencing. It is not only economical, but also does not generate additional costs in the process of exploitation. It owes its price to thinner wires used in its production.

Stock fences don’t interfere with the natural landscape, thanks to their delicate appearance and spatial form. Their advantages are certainly aesthetic appearance and simple assembly.

Our stock fencing is distinguished by a combination of what customers usually care about the most –  low price, high quality and functionality.

Can I install a chain link fence myself?

The installation of chain link fencing may seem complicated, but in practice it is quite simple. Many people have successfully resigned from expensive professional services and fenced their area on their own.

It all depends on what type of plot you intend to fence. If it is an area in a uniform shape, like a square or a rectangle, then installing such a fence will not cause you any problems. However, if the terrain is uneven then it is worth turning to a professional company for assistance in assembly.

It is also true that if you do not like technical activities, you don’t have patience, basic manual skills or simply time, it is better to leave it to professionals.

If you are looking for a simple wire mesh installation guide, check this article on our blog.

Do chain link fence posts need concrete?

Some DIY enthusiasts install wire mesh fence posts directly into the ground. It is the cheapest solution but not the most long-lasting. The most durable meshes are those mounted on a foundation. However, it should be noted that the execution of the foundation for the whole fence significantly increases the investment costs.

People who want to save a bit financially, put the steel posts into concrete that is set in the ground. After designating the places for them, holes should be dug 80 – 120 cm deep and 30 cm wide. The excavations are poured with concrete and the posts are gently set and stabilized. Of course, it is necessary to precisely level the fence structure.

How deep should I put fence posts into the ground?

The depth to which the posts should be buried into the ground should be determined by the frost line depth. It varies in different regions of the UK. It can vary from 80 cm to even 1.4 cm. The holes should be at least as deep as the depth to which the ground freezes in a given area. Posts dug in below the freezing zone guarantee that your fence will not suffer during ground movements related to freezing.

Mesh with or without coating?

We strongly recommend the option with a protective coating. Mesh without zinc or PVC coating corrodes quickly and does not last long. If your intention is to buy a permanent fence, you should definitely invest in a mesh with a coating.

Is chain link fencing a good choice?

Definitely yes. Good quality wire mesh is an investment for many years. It works perfectly in its role. At the same time it is relatively cheap compared to other fences, like panel fencing or concrete fencing.

If you are looking for the highest quality of chain link fencing, check out our online store.


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