Home fencing. What to pay attention to when choosing?

Choosing the right fence is a problem faced by any owner of a piece of land. House area, garden allotment or a parking lot in front of a company building – each of these require a fence that is tailored to the owner’s needs. What to consider w. hen choosing your perfect fencing?

Purpose of the fence

Typically, owners are faced with one important question: fence panels or wire mesh? This is a good approach. Although, often the problem is a bit more complex. It is worth considering what task you set for it. That way, you will be able to determine what the fence will be appropriate for. Therefore, the choice of a fence usually depends on the nature of the object we intend to enclose with it.

Usage of fencing panels

Fencing of a property or area around industrial facilities, requires the use of a high fence. This ensures protection against intrusion. It is also supposed to limit the entry of cars. Fence panels are best suited for such tasks. These products are much cheaper than stone or wood fencing. It will be especially appreciated by owners of large plots. They can be installed quickly. Steel fence panels will not disturb the appearance of the facility and its surroundings. That is thanks to the various dimensions and shapes.

Usage of galvanized and PVC coated chain link fencing

Galvanized or PVC coated chain link fencing has a slightly different task. These products are perfect for fencing recreational plots, but also areas around single-family houses. Wire mesh fencing is also used to separate individual pieces of land on the property. With a help of chain link fencing, you can separate the recreational part of your property from the rest of your garden. It can also be used to protect flowerbeds in front of the house and in public spaces.

Regardless of the height of the fence you might need, we can provide a solution. The best choice in our opinion is galvanized wire mesh covered with a layer of PVC. It is available in various heights. It can also work in many different applications. Because of the specific production method it is extremely durable. The PVC coating is a thermoplastic, frost-resistant and ultraviolet UV-resistant layer. Our coated fencing mesh is more aesthetically pleasing than steel panels. It blends more seamlessly into the surroundings. You can choose from a variety of colors: anthracite, brown, black, silver and green.

Durability of fencing products

The most important aspect is the durability of the fence. Thanks to this, you will not have to replace or renovate your fence. Ordinary metals used in the production of traditional meshes are not adequately protected against corrosion. They can be quickly destroyed and distorted. Galvanized wire mesh provides the greatest comfort.

Regardless of what object you want to fence, you need a fence that will last you for years. The greatest enemy of any fence is weather, especially moisture. When choosing the perfect fence, pay attention to the appropriate protection of the steel. A good galvanized wire mesh shows exceptional resistance to corrosion. Additional protection in the form of a PVC coating protects the zinc layer. These methods ensure that the fence is protected from low and high temperatures, sunlight, heavy rainfall and cold winters.

Mechanical factors may also damage the fence. Usually, wire mesh or fence panels do not constitute a barrier that cannot be breached or destroyed. Their resistance is visible mainly in accidental blows or abrasions. The durability of the fence also depends on the rigidity of the mesh. Luckily our steel wires are very solid. Choose a wire mesh with thicker wires if you are after an indestructible fence. That way it will be harder to overturn. The proper assembly of the posts is also important when it comes to keeping the fence intact.

Advantages of using chain link fencing and fence panels

Deciding between very durable fence panels and chain link fencing can be hard. There are points to consider. It is worth to look at some characteristics of both fencing solutions.

Wire mesh fencing:

  • is a more affordable solution than panels
  • provides wide possibilities of strengthening them against corrosion
  • can easily be installed by hand
  • is not associated with high maintenance costs
  • it comes in many colors and sizes

Panel fencing:

  • has thick galvanized wires that are resistant to weather conditions, cracking or loosening of individual rods
  • is one of the most cost-effective solutions. Especially when you compare its cost with the quality and durability
  • fits almost any property and architectural style
  • it combines a modern look with functionality, durability and an attractive price

The method of installing the fence

The durability of the fence largely depends on its installation. Attaching it to random hooks or mismatched posts may not provide proper rigidity. Therefore, the installation of the wire mesh fence may have to be repeated after a short period of use. It is worth paying attention to this when choosing chain link fencing.

The solution for an extremely durable fence, can be braided wire mesh mounted on specially fitted posts. You can find appropriate posts in our online store. They will make the job of installing the fence much easier. The galvanized mesh is usually joint with special clips or wire. They do not damage the protective coating. Thanks to this, the fence will still be protected against corrosion.

For detailed information on wire mesh installation, check out this post on our blog.

Adjusting the appearance to your needs

The appearance of the mesh is a factor that people most often pay attention to first. When fencing a large plot of land, it does not matter that much. However, it is worth focusing on the attractive appearance of coated wire mesh. Especially around residential buildings or allotments.

Our galvanized wire mesh has an aesthetic appearance. The plastic coating makes it easy to integrate the fence into any green area. We offer five different color variants in the case of PVC coated wire mesh. They can be easily matched to other elements of the surroundings.

People often expect a fence not only to look beautiful, but also to provide them with intimacy. What to cover the fence with if you are looking for privacy? We recommend some climbing plants. They will be able to attach to the braided wires. Thanks to the galvanized wires, the plants cannot become the cause of any corrosion.

To buy high quality chain link fencing, check out our online store.

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