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Fresh Inspiration for Springtime

8 October 2022

These two types of fencing mesh are the most often chosen, mainly due to their parameters.

Coated fence mesh

Steel wires, including this type of mesh, are surrounded by an even layer of polyvinyl chloride PVC, which protects the mesh against corrosion, but also protects it against mechanical damage and moisture.

The possibility of choosing different color variants of the mesh seems to be an advantage, so it can be perfectly integrated into the style of the surroundings.

The disadvantage of coated mesh is the possible occurrence of not very aesthetically pleasing defects in the material and, consequently, the appearance of rust. Sometimes the color of the fence mesh also fades. Of course, it is a matter of a long time frame for this type of phenomena to occur.

Galvanized mesh

The wire in the galvanized mesh has no PVC coating, but a thin layer of zinc that adheres to the surface of the steel. Rust can only appear on deep scratches. On the other hand, there is no choice in terms of colors as with the coated mesh. In recent years, coated woven mesh has been more popular, mainly due to the wide range of colors, which may increase the visual value of the mesh fence. However, one must remember about one thing.

The fencing woven mesh with an additional protective coating has a wire thinner than in the galvanized mesh.

For example, a coated 3.2mm wire mesh has a 2mm thick wire and a 4.2mm wire mesh has a 3mm thick wire.

As you can see, the differences are significant and when we want the exceptional rigidity of the entire fence, it may be a better idea to choose a 4 mm galvanized mesh. By the way, it will also be a more economical solution, because fencing nets with a PVC coating can be up to 30% more expensive. It is also worth adding that you can buy a plastic fence net, but it is classified rather as a net intended for gardening, for securing a slope or fencing young trees against animals. It’s just too weak for mesh fencing. On the other hand, metal mesh without any protective layer is only suitable for temporary fences, because it is not resistant to adverse weather conditions.