How to install a fence on wetland?

The most important factor determining the convenient installation of a fence is properly prepared ground. It is worth knowing that some lands may be a bit more demanding than others. In this article we will discuss the problem of installing a fence on a wetland area.

How to prepare the ground for installation of a fence?

Appropriate preparation of the site not only facilitates, but often enables the installation of the fence on a given surface. The basic decisive factors include, among others, the evenness of terrain. Slight differences do not have to be a major problem. Especially if posts on one side of the fence are buried a little deeper into the ground. If you are struggling with very uneven terrain remember that land leveling is rarely profitable. In such situations, it is customary to install a fence in the form of a “cascade” –  in a stepped manner.

Other factors for successful fencing installation include the right level of soil moisture. The absence of obstacles such as trees or rocks is also important. If there are trees on the fence line or close to it, it is often necessary to remove them together with the roots. This allows easy installation of fencing posts and ensures stability of the fence.

If the soil is loose and prone to sliding, compacting and patting it is necessary. Otherwise, the property can be deprived of safe foundations. Sometimes the fence is erected on the previously used area. Then it is necessary to dismantle the old fencing. It is also important to take care of seemingly obvious issues, such as mowing tall grass and weeds.

Fencing on a wetland. Why are these conditions difficult?

Installation of a fence is possible on a wetland. Just like it is possible to build a house on a wetland. Although it requires a slightly different strategy and different techniques. This may result in much higher construction costs. There is also no guarantee that various types of complications will appear in the future. If possible, it is worth avoiding these types of conditions for all construction activities.

Wetlands can create big problems especially in the winter season. At the lower levels of soil water may freeze. That can cause bursting of plumbing or change the general specificity of the area. On wetlands, for example, it is risky to build cellars for family homes. There is a high probability of flooding it with groundwater.

Getting rid of excess moisture in the soil

When dealing with a wetland area, it may be helpful to use the services of a professional geotechnical company. That way you won’t have any doubts about the water or soil condition on your property. Technicians can assess the level of soil quality in relation to construction activities. They can also determine the cost of changes in the area. The level of water in the soil can be checked by making special holes in the ground.

The results of the tests are important. They can help in the selection of the appropriate technique to prepare the ground for further construction. There are several possibilities:

  • Replacing the soil – this option is extremely expensive and rarely chosen
  • Raising the ground – a much more frequently chosen form of ensuring a safe foundation for the property. This type of elevation is most often made with the use of rubble and soil from other construction sites

Advantages of wetlands

It would seem that building a single-family house or installing a fence on a wetland is a hard task and it might not be profitable. However, there are some advantages. One of them is the relatively low cost of the plot itself, but also general environmental values. Wetlands are often located near ponds or lakes, which is of great importance for many. Moreover, a frequently used technique in wetlands is construction of a pond in a given area. It can be the target place for excess water to escape from the property’s foundations. It is an extremely charming and modern solution.

Installation of fencing on wetlands

Installation of a fence on a wetland area will never be possible if the soil is not at least partially prepared for it. Even garden plants will not survive on wetlands. In order to install a fence in such area, it is necessary to determine the condition of the soil. The next step is to replace or sprinkle the ground in case of waterlogging, and create drainage systems. It is worth remembering that this is an issue where the full control of a professional is very helpful.

In summary, these are the steps of installing a fence on wetland:

  • Partial soil replacement
  • Backfilling
  • Draining out excess water
  • Installation of permanent band drains – they consist of a system of drainage pipes that collect water and carry it, for example, to a sewage system.

Different fencing for different purposes

Once you have taken care of the excess water in the ground, you can proceed to the installation of chosen fencing.

It is not recommended to use wooden posts on wet terrain, as they can be quickly damaged by moisture in the ground. If you have decided to purchase wooden posts, be sure to properly impregnate their ends. This will significantly extend their lifespan in such conditions.

The purchase of one of our fencing meshes (stock fencing, ordinary wire mesh) or fencing panels guarantees long and trouble-free use.

Thanks to the galvanization process, to which the fencing elements and posts are subjected, our fencing products are resistant to moisture and any other weather factors. The excess moisture accumulated in the soil will not cause corrosion of any of them.

We recommend choosing fencing for wetlands according to your budget. If you are looking for something temporary but durable, think about buying our stock fencing. If you can afford something a little more expensive, look into purchasing our chain link fencing. It has the best quality to price ratio. It is very durable, strong and resistant to unfavorable weather conditions.

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