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Fence panels

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Affordable price and high aesthetic values ​​contribute to the increasing popularity of fence panels. These panels help to define borders of your space and can easily add some style to your garden. Whenever you are trying to train your climbing plants or to transform the look of your property, fence panels are the right choice. Our shop offers three types of high quality panels:

2D panels
3D panels
Decorative panels

2D panels are flat and rectangular in shape. Their length is fixed (250 cm) and they come in 7 different heights – 83 cm, 103 cm, 123 cm, 143 cm, 163 cm, 183 cm, and 203 cm. All panels are galvanized, some are additionally powder coated in one of five colors (green, brown, black, silver, anthracite). Horizontally, they have two wires 6 or 8 mm thick, while vertical wires are 5 or 6 mm thick. Hence their symbols are 6/5/6 or 8/6/8. The hole size in the 2D panel is always 50 x 200 mm.

3D panels are known for their V-shaped ribbing. Number of ribbings depends on the panel’s height and ranges from 2 to 4. The length of such a panel is fixed (250 cm), and we offer them in 5 heights – 103 cm, 123 cm, 153 cm, 173 cm and 203 cm. Depending on the usage, they can be made of 3, 4 or 5 mm thick wire and the hole size is either 75 x 200 mm or 50 x 200 mm. All the above configurations are galvanized and can be additionally powder coated in one of five colors (green, brown, black, silver, anthracite).

The third type are low decorative panels with a curved upper part – galvanized and powder coated in green or anthracite. This panels are bit shorter, their length is 201,5 cm. The horizontal wires are double and 5 mm thick. The vertical wires are of the same thickness. The hole size is 65 x 200 mm. There are two panel heights: ranging from 1160 mm to 1283 mm and from 1360 mm to 1483 mm.

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We have the largest selection of stock fencing nets on the market.

Regardless of your needs, whether they are commercial or domestic, we will be able to offer you the right products. We are stocked and ready to ship the next day. In the case of orders in the number of hundreds of nets, the shipping time may be longer due to processing.

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