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Gates, wickets & automation

Automation kit for double-leaf gates – Phobos BT A40.

Automation kit for double-leaf gates – Phobos BT A25

Powder coated gate filled with a 2D panel

If you are finishing your property with a metal fence, you should choose a gate or a wicker made of the same material. Are you looking for a metal gate that will work in this role, maybe you are looking for a durable gate? In this category you will find our high-quality products related to gates, wickers and their opening.

There is no doubt that metal gates are extremely durable. Over the years, metal does not lose its functionality, even when it is particularly exposed to weather conditions and moisture, which destroy the door and leave unsightly rust stains on it. It does not require complicated care – it is enough to protect it with an anti-corrosion preparation and paint it with metal paint in the selected color to keep it beautiful for years. Our products are both galvanized and powder coated – this means they are ready for use for decades.

Gates and wickers we manufacture are well designed and sold as a fully working product – sets include all necessary parts to install and use them as intended. As all of our products, they are directed to both retail customers and wholesale customers related to the industrial use of metal fences. Their quality meets the highest world industrial standards. So far, we have been trusted by both clients who care about the appearance of private properties and entrepreneurs building transport lines, such as roads.

Additionally, our offer includes devices supporting the most modern approach to entrance gates – the automatic gate opening system. It allows you to open any up-and-over door with a remote control, which is invaluable comfort in persistent weather or in the morning rush. We offer automation systems in two different models, depending on both the gate-wing width and weight.

Size table