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Under this category, you will find durable and reliable stock fencing for goat farming. For this application, we suggest going for our dense stock fencing. The mesh size that we recommend is 15cm.

Stock fence – 120/13/10 SQ – 25 m


Stock fence – 120/9/30 – 50 m


Stock fence – 140/15/10 SQ – 25 m


Stock fence – 120/13/15 D6 – 50 m


Stock fence – 150/10/15 – 50 m


Stock fence – 150/15/30 D6 – 50 m


Stock fence – 150/11/15 – 50 m


Stock fence – 130/14/10 SQ – 25 m


Stock fence – 150/15/15 D6 – 50 m


Goats are medium-sized animals that for many predators are easy prey. They are very active and like to jump and run around the area where they pasture. What you need to take into consideration as a goat owner is that the males have horns that can easily break the fencing. Especially because they are quite strong for their size.

It is important that the mesh density is high because you don’t want to risk any of the goats getting their head stuck in the fencing. Especially if they are still quite young.

For goat pasture, we recommend choosing stock fencing that is at least 1,2 meters tall with a higher density of mesh throughout the whole fence. That way, the fencing will be durable enough to keep the predators away and keep the goats safe and sound.

Filter by price

Filter by height

Filter by vertical wires

Size table