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Under this category, you will find exceptionally durable fencing for sheep pasture. We specifically recommend meshing that is at least 1,2 meters tall. Consider purchasing denser mesh that will ensure more stability and durability.

Stock fence – 120/13/10 SQ – 25 m


Stock fence – 100/8/15 – 50 m

82.99£ 74.69£

Stock fence – 110/12/10 SQ – 25 m

76.99£ 69.29£

Stock fence – 100/11/10 SQ – 25 m


Stock fence – 120/9/15 – 50 m

96.99£ 87.29£

Stock fence – 120/10/15 – 50 m

120.99£ 108.89£

Stock fence – 100/12/15 D6 – 50 m

102.99£ 92.69£

Stock fence – 100/9/15 – 50 m – high tensile

110.99£ 99.89£

Sheep are medium-sized farm animals that usually pasture on big areas of land. They aren’t as active as goats and lead more of a peaceful life. Unfortunately, they are considered easy prey and must be protected from predators and get outside the designated area where they pasture.

Remember, that our stock fencing is safe and does not expose animals to allergies, abrasions, or other dangers. Made out of solid steel wires, it guarantees high quality, reliability, and the highest aesthetic values. The mesh retains its structure, appearance, and properties for many years, ensuring trouble-free service life.

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Size table
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