Automation kit for double-leaf gates – Phobos BT A25

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The automation kit PHOBOS BT A25 is designed for double-leaf gates with a maximum length of up to max. 2 x 2.50 m and a weight up to max. 2 x 250 kg.

The set has built-in adjustable limit switches – no need for bumpers screwed to the ground.

The kit includes:

  • 2 x BFT PHOBOS BT A25 electromechanical actuators with fixing accessories
  • BFT THALIA LIGHT control unit with built-in radio – memory for 63 remote controls
  • The housing for the control panel – hermetic
  • BFT MITTO 4-channel remote control (possibility to buy more)
  • Mounting brackets for posts and gate leaves
  • 4x Keys for emergency opening of the gate in the event of power failure
  • Warranty card – 24 months


Actuators for residential swing gates, designed for gates weighing up to 250 kg with a length of up to 2.5 meters (Phobos BT A25 version), or up to 4 meters (PHOBOS BT A40 version). They have a 24V motor. The feature-rich THALIA LIGHT control unit has an integrated radio with a dynamically changing code that allows you to store up to 63 remote controls. These actuators have magnetic limit switches for opening and closing. The disengagement with a personalized key ensures a high degree of safety. It is also enhanced by the amperometric obstacle detection function. The BFT PHOBOS BT A25 drive can be used up to 80 cycles a day, which is more than satisfactory.

The solution of attaching a post with a magnetic pin to the holder of a post with a magnetic pin is also extremely interesting and innovative, which both improves assembly and improves the aesthetics of the installation, as the magnetic pin is not visible from the outside.

This drive has the D-Track system, and after purchasing the B EBA WI-FI Gateway card, it can be controlled via the U-Link protocol*.

Technical specification of Phobos BT A25 actuators

  • Weight of one gate leaf: max. 250 kg (two wings max. 2 x 250 kg)
  • Control unit power supply: 230 V +/- 10% 50 Hz
  • Power supply to actuators: 24 V
  • Input power: 40 W
  • Pushing and pulling force: 2500 N ~ 250 kg
  • Leaf length: 2.5 m
  • Travel speed: 15 mm / s.
  • Working stroke: 290 mm
  • Obstacle detection: YES
  • Obstacle detection type: electronic
  • Limit switches: magnetic, mechanical
  • Power failure unlocking: personalized key
  • The maximum opening angle of the gate leaves: 116 degrees
  • Working temperature: -20 C to + 55 C
  • Protection degree: IP X4
  • Gear lubrication: grease
  • Mode of use: 80 cycles a day
  • Actuator weight: 5 kg
  • Application for posts: steel
  • Control board: Thalia Light

Previously mentioned THALIA LIGHT control unit is equipped with an LCD display, the installation and configuration of the automation kit make the work of the installer as easy as possible. Thanks to two operating modes, we can quickly program the necessary functions in just a few minutes, or using the advanced mode, we can obtain parameters ideally suited to customer requirements.

Technical parameters:

  • Control panel power supply: 230 V
  • Power supply for actuators: 24 V, 180 W max each
  • Download power: 50 W
  • Integrated 2-channel radio with memory for 63 remote controls
  • Simplified programming via a liquid crystal display
  • Colorful and numbered terminal blocks
  • Soft Stop – slowing down the final stages of opening and closing so that the closing of the leaves is gentle
  • Electronic self-learning when starting “Autoset” for the first time
  • Automatic closing function
  • Automatic closing after crossing the line of photocells
  • Wicket function and other…

* U-link – BFT technology for communication of peripheral devices with automation systems

Universal – A word that fully represents the essence of a U-link. It is a platform that allows you to create technological ecosystems and manage them using a smartphone thanks to B EBA expansion cards.

After purchasing an expansion card and installing it in the drive, all you need to do is install the U-Control app on your smartphone to fully enjoy the possibilities offered by the U-Link solution. This application allows you to control one or more compatible devices via the U-link protocol.

Through an internet connection, the user can open, close or stop the gate directly from a smartphone or tablet. What’s more, he can check its status in real time from any location. Therefore you can control access from almost anywhere. For example, you can open or close your gate to allow access to the gardener when you are away. The Clonix U-link radio receiver can be integrated with all drives, regardless of whether they are BFT devices or a foreign company.

Additional information

Weight 18 kg


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