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Stock fence – 100/8/15 – 50 m


Stock fence – type 100/8/15

  • made of galvanized wire
  • top wire thickness – 2.0 ± 0.09 mm
  • inner wire thickness – 1.6 ± 0.09 mm
  • net height – 1.0 m
  • distance between vertical wires – 15 cm
  • 8 horizontal wires
  • spacing of horizontal wires – 1 x 10 cm + 6 x 15 cm
  • 100 pcs. staples for free
  • packed in 50 m rolls

Photo shows 120/9/30 roll.

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Stock fencing net that is one meter-high or more is perfect for protecting medium-sized animals. This particular mesh size, however, will have its limitations due to its low density. We, therefore, recommend using it for donkeys, mules, or adult pigs as these animals are not tall, yet have relatively big heads. Animals with smaller heads (such as sheep or piglets) may get their heads stuck between the wires, which could lead to injury.

When it comes to pigs, we advise that you install the mesh on steel instead of wooden posts and preferably also space the posts closer to each other than you normally would. This is due to the fact that pigs tend to dig around in the ground as well as occasionally storm the fence. Choosing the mesh variant made of thicker wire (2.5 mm) would, therefore, also be advisable.

Stock fence marking scheme:
X / Y / Z

  • X – the mesh height given in centimeters (we offer sizes between 60 and 200 cm)
  • Y – the number of horizontal wires (different depending on the model)
  • Z – the distance between vertical wires given in centimeters (the options are: 30, 15 or 10 cm)

Additional information

Weight 13.8 kg
Dist. between vertical wires

15 cm

Mesh type



100 cm

Wire thickness

standard (top: 2.0 mm, inner: 1.6 mm)


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