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Stock fence – 80/9/10 SQ – 25 m


Stock fence – type 80/9/10 SQ (10 cm square mesh)

  • made of galvanized wire
  • top wire thickness – 2.0 ± 0.09 mm
  • inner wire thickness – 1.6 ± 0.09 mm
  • net height – 0.8 m
  • distance between vertical wires – 10 cm
  • distance between horizontal wires – 10 cm
  • 9 horizontal wires
  • spacing of horizontal wires – 8 x 10 cm
  • 100 pcs. staples for free
  • packed in 25 m rolls

Photo shows 120/13/10 SQ roll.

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Stock fence is an affordable and durable type of mesh, made in various sizes. Perfect for fencing forest areas, fields, orchards, as well as highways. Hinge joint fencing is suitable for all types of stock and is used for cattle, sheep, pigs and dogs etc. Due to their easy assembly and disassembly, they are also suitable for temporary fencing of construction sites or private areas. The so called “forest net” can be mounted on wooden pales with staples, as well as on special metal posts. It is an effective, economical method of separating and protecting livestock, dividing fields and creating boundaries. Stock fencing is available in a number of grades and roll sizes to suit different applications. In addition as all of our products, wire used to produce them is galvanized which greately increases their durability.

This stock is a great choice in small animals farming. When choosing a stock fence for small animals, we offer you a mesh with quality structure. If the mesh density is too low, the animals can get their heads easily stuck in the net and may hurt themselves as a result. Especially when newborns appear in the herd. This fence will not only prevent the animals from escaping but will also enable any predators from attacking the herd.

The use of the highest quality galvanized steel for the construction of the mesh makes it highly resistant to external factors. It is resistant to changing weather conditions, mold, fungi and high humidity. Thanks to such high durability, the mesh will be perfect in conditions exposed to water, wind and UV radiation. Long exposure to the sun does not deprive it of its durability and changing temperatures do not reduce its aesthetic value ​​and do not adversely affect its structure. The mesh can be used outdoors all year round, it does not require disassembly in periods of increased rain and snowfall or in hot weather and intense sunlight. It is easy and quick to install. It does not require additional impregnation treatments. Easily cleans.

When choosing from many different kinds of stock fencing, firstly we have to define what height we are interested in. Next step is to determine what size of mesh we need. In standard, most affordable types, distance between wires is 15-20 cm horizontally and 30 cm vertically. However, we can choose a mesh which is denser in the lower part, than the standard one. Therefore we need to determine how many additional horizontal wires we need. Additional horizontal wires tighten the holes in the bottom of the mesh. Thanks to the greater density of wire the stock fence fulfills its role and protects your area even better.

There is also the third parameter of each mesh – the distance between vertical wires. Rather than reducing distance between horizontal wires, we can also reduce the distance between the vertical wires. These stock fence weights more than their counterparts with sparse structure. It will also affect their durability and flexibility.

Stock fence marking scheme:
X / Y / Z

  • X – height (available sizes from 60 cm to 200 cm)
  • Y – number of horizontal wires (this number differs depending on the model)
  • Z – distance between vertical wires (available sizes: 30cm, 15cm, 10cm)

Additional information

Weight 8.5 kg
Dist. between vertical wires

10 cm


80 cm

Mesh type

SQ (10 cm square mesh)

Wire thickness

standard (top: 2.0 mm, inner: 1.6 mm)


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