What are the most affordable fencing solutions?

Appropriate fencing is important both at the stage of building a house and after its completion. Construction costs are usually so high that any additional money spent on a solid fencing of the site can be a big problem. Fortunately, there are solutions that do not generate high expenses. At the construction stage, stock fencing may turn out to be a good idea. After completion of construction, chain link fencing seems to be the optimal choice.

Questions for future fence owners

The fencing of a plot of land is often the first thing that the owner takes care of before commencing any construction work. Although a fence does not guarantee effective protection against theft, it may be an inconvenient issue for potential thieves – it can scare them away as well as wild animals.

Before you start building a fence, you firstly must answer a question of whether such a fence will be permanently installed or dismantled fairly quickly. A fence that is supposed to serve you for years must be made in accordance with the design of the building you’re planning to fence. So it may not be a cheap investment. In some cases you have to put foundations, buy special posts or a special mesh. In this article, however, we want to show you how to fence a plot at a low cost. What are the most affordable fencing solutions?

Important factors when choosing a fence

The most important requirements that an affordable fence should meet:

  • Be safe for people and animals
  • Be free of dangerous elements, such as barbed wire or glass
  • Have a gate or a wicket opening to the inside of the plot
  • Wicket width should measure no less than 0.9 m and the gate no less than 2.4 m
  • The fence shouldn’t be higher than 2.2 m.

By building an affordable but durable fence, you can avoid the theft of equipment, materials and tools from your construction site, as well as protect bystanders who could suffer when entering the property.

Choosing an affordable mesh

Fencing mesh is the most important issue to consider. The most affordable solution is stock fence. It is made out of durable galvanized steel wires and can have different density throughout the length of the fence. The density and size of the mesh is of great importance. In order not to risk causing harm to wild animals, a net with lower density will be a safer choice.

If you want to choose appropriate stock fencing  for wild animals that appear in your area, check this article on our blog.

This type of fence is definitely distinguished by its low price and at the same time it is extremely durable and solid. If you have to fence off a construction site, stock fencing can definitely be the best and most economically advantageous solution. This type of a mesh does not require much additional support. Wooden poles will be enough.

Stock fencing is also extremely easy to install and just as easy to disassemble. Various dimensional variants guarantee the opportunity to adjust the mesh to specific needs. Their characteristic feature is a very natural and at the same time delicate appearance, so they look very good in a nature setting.

This type of mesh is made of high-quality wire, which is distinguished by a very good resistance to stretching and tearing. The mesh also has an additional zinc layer, which gives it exceptional anti-corrosion resistance.

What can determine the choice of chain link fencing?

Galvanized or PVC-coated chain link fencing is also quite a cheap solution and additionally it works well both as a temporary fence and a permanent fence. So it may turn out that it will be cheaper to install a wire mesh fence than a stock fence. Wire mesh fences are quite discreet, so they will be a beautiful background for the garden. The possibility of quick assembly, even independently, is also a great advantage.

Chain link fencing is more durable but almost as flexible as stock fencing. If you are looking for an affordable long-term solution, we recommend choosing one of the two. By paying a little bit more, you will have a fence that will serve you many years. If the fence is to be a temporary solution, it is better to use cheaper materials, like a great stock fence that you can rely on.

Before construction begins

At the beginning of the fencing process you need to measure the dimensions of the plot for the fence. The posts should be about 2.5 meters apart. Of course, the cheapest solution are wooden posts, which can be purchased for a very attractive price. You can pay extra for special posts, which are sharpened on one side and thus are easier to put into a hard surface. Ideally, they should be solid – about 15 centimeters in diameter so that they can withstand a heavy load.

Another important issue is the depth of their embedding. They should be placed in the ground at a depth of at least half a meter. If you want to build a 1.5 meter high fence, you will need to purchase posts of at least 2 meters.

Of course, wooden posts are not the only solution. In the case of steel posts you have to take into account higher costs. However, with higher price comes better durability. Galvanized steel posts are exceptionally long lasting. Rain, heavy snowfall, strong wind or sunlight cannot destroy them.

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How to install an affordable temporary fence?

Start by digging holes for the posts. This work can also be done by hand using a shovel. If using wooden posts it is worth to rub them with oil. This way the fence will be more durable. After putting the posts in the holes, cover them with soil and start stretching the mesh, preferably with help of another person. It is worth tightening it gently so as not to cause bulges and fasten it with staples or nails. Try not to put too much pressure on the mesh by stretching it to the maximum. It can result in brakeage.

As you can see, it is difficult to clearly indicate which fence is the most affordable, as there are several factors to consider. It is important whether the fence will be dismantled later or whether it will stay permanently.

Both stock fencing and wire mesh fencing have their undoubted advantages. In all honesty, both of these types of fences are affordable and will serve you for years.

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