What kind of fencing is best for a construction site?

Each construction site should be properly secured against unauthorized people. The safety of passers-by and protection of materials and machines against thieves should be the owners greatest objective.

What do the construction laws say?

  • The construction site should be properly fenced before starting construction work
  • The fence should be at least 1.5 m high
  • Its construction should not pose a threat to people
  • In zones where objects may fall from a height, the distance between the fence and the building should be at least 1/10 of its height
  • In the case of excavations deeper than 1 m, a fence with a minimum height of 1.1 m is required

Remember that the fence must meet the appropriate technical requirements. Most importantly, it cannot pose a threat to the safety of both people and animals. At a height of less than 1.8 m, you must not install sharp objects such as: barbed wire or elements of broken glass. The fence also shouldn’t have sharp-edged materials, like razor blades or metal fragments with sharp edges.

How to secure a construction site?

Firstly, it is worth to emphesize, that the simplest temporary fencing is one made out of wooden posts and stock mesh fence. If you want, you can replace wooden posts with steel ones. That way you will be able to use them in the future to make the end result fence. Most often, investors use a steel mesh fence. It can be easily and quickly stretched. It is a light material, which facilitates the work. Stock fencing is also the most affordable option that is at the same time very easy to install. Think about choosing our stock fencing if you are looking for something affordable, durable and simple to install or disassemble.

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If your construction work is time-consuming, it is worth investing in galvanized or PVC coated mesh. It will not corrode and will not pose a threat to possible passers-by, including children. The durability of the fence largely depends on the diameter of the wire. It should not be thinner than 3 mm.

Chain link fencing in construction work

The solution with the best quality to price ratio is an ordinary chain link mesh. Such a mesh meets the requirements of construction laws and is the most economical choice. It can be used if the construction site is not particularly vulnerable to theft.

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Fencing panels are a good solution if valuable tools and materials or construction machinery are to be stored at the construction site. This form of fencing significantly hinders access by unauthorized persons.

It is worth remembering that in fencing of the construction site, gates for road and rail vehicles should be made separately. Same goes for the gates for pedestrians. The gates should open inwards, have a permanent closure and protection against self-opening. Fencing panels can be freely completed with wickets and gates.

The versatility of fencing panels

Sometimes, long-term construction and the investor’s situation means that the temporary fence automatically turns into a long-term fence. Therefore it is worth choosing a more durable panel fencing. It is a kind of a fencing system, in the form of openwork mesh spans or full panels made of trapezoidal wire mesh. The last suggestion can more effectively discourage bystanders from entering the area and better protect property.

Assembly of fencing panels

The system includes the elements necessary for complete assembly. In addition, the temporary panel fencing is suitable for safe storage in a disassembled state, which enables multiple use. You can share it with other investors or even resell it, for instance.

Galvanized fencing panels can be quickly assembled by using clamps or sections and concrete supports. Such a solution, due to its high mobility and speed of assembly and disassembly, works perfectly as a temporary fence. You can use side struts to strengthen the structure.

Despite the advantage of fencing panels over mesh, many people opt for a cheaper solution. It is worth taking into account that fence panels available in our store have exceptional durability. It is thanks to the galvanization process that we use. In result, they can withstand any weather conditions. In addition, the panels are designed for easy storage. Therefore, once purchased, the fencing system can be used many times and be conveniently stored.

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Preparation of the construction site

The preparation of the construction site of a house should begin with marking the boundaries of the property and the foundations of future facilities. This task is entrusted to a surveyor. He designates the place for border posts. In result, they make up the edge of the property.

Fencing of a construction site for a house is very important. It is needed to protect the property against a mishap. From the owner’s perspective, it will guard against the intrusion of a thief. Unfortunately, thefts at construction sites are not uncommon.

How to build a temporary fence?

The temporary chain link fencing can be supported by wooden poles. You embed them in the ground at 3-meter intervals to a depth of 40-50 cm and attach the mesh to them with bent nails. Wooden elements (which usually last 2-3 years) can be replaced with steel posts  for better durability.

When building a typical woven mesh fence, steel posts with a height of 2 m, with eyelets and a cap covering the top of the post are used. You will also need struts for corner posts and at the gate, wire tensioners, tension rods or flat bars, and mounting brackets.

Remember to leave some space for the entrance to the property, which may be protected by a makeshift gate made of boards. It should be wider than the prescribed minimum of 240 cm. A spacious driveway will be needed for convenient communication, maneuvering with delivery trucks and a construction company, including, for example, concrete mixers. Temporary panel fencing can be systemically equipped with a portable sliding gate and a wicket or several wickets, if required by the nature of your construction.

As you can see there are many ways of fencing a construction site. In our online store you can find all the options mentioned in this post. If you have any questions regarding individual fencing options, check out our blog.

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