What kind of fencing is best for a recreational plot?

A place of recreation isn’t complete without the right fencing. When choosing a fence for a recreational plot, most owner’s prioritize its aesthetic and visual aspects, rather than protective ones. Of course, one does not have to exclude the other. How to choose the perfect fence for a recreational plot?

What to look for in a perfect fence?

When choosing a fence for any purpose, the greatest attention is paid to such aspects as:

  • security
  • functionality
  • convenience of use and possible control of the gate
  • strength and durability
  • resistance to weather conditions

As recreational plots are most often located away from compact buildings, their owners should invest in a solid fence. These kinds of plots require effective protection, because they are used only for part of the year. A strong and durable fence provides protection against wild animals. They can cause a lot of damage in the garden and around the house in the winter, when the owners of the holiday home are absent. In addition, a solid, respectable fence is also a certain barrier against possible thefts.

In the case of most types of plots these factors are undoubtedly of great importance. Same goes for the humble recreational plot. But when it comes to it, recreational plots require something more.

Aesthetics and its role in choosing a fence

Recreational plot is primarily associated with relaxation and relief for the senses. It is usually away from the hustle and bustle of civilization. When choosing the right fence for it, it is worth following not so much its technical specifications, but visual adjustment to other elements of the property. Aesthetics also play an important role.

The location of holiday plots is usually characterized by a greater distance from cities and busy streets. Therefore, it is not necessary to make fences soundproof or visibility-reducing. In this case, you can afford to focus more on their visual features, rather than their protective ones.

Relaxation facilities should not be associated with places visited on daily basis. A bolder step in terms of design and originality of recreational fencing always turns out to be the optimal option.

In the context of choosing a recreational fence, it is crucial to find the golden mean, both in terms of its design and functionality. The mesh must be durable enough to protect it from the activity of wild animals, but also effective and attractive enough to maintain the certain calmness of the plot.

Durable mesh for recreational plots

The longevity of the fence is an another important factor to take into consideration. In our opinion, it should be equipped with effective means of anti-corrosion protection. Our chain link fencing is the best choice when it comes to durability and reliability. It is characterized by:

  • a thin zinc layer coating – which increases the resistance of the fence to unfavorable weather conditions that can cause corrosion
  • additional but optional PVC coating – which has protective properties against extreme temperatures and excessive moisture. It is a thermoplastic, frost-resistant and ultraviolet UV-resistant layer. One of the advantages of it is that it comes in many colors, that can be easily adjusted to the surroundings.

It is worth remembering that in order for the mesh to be able to protect the property, it must be solidly laid. This requires the right placement of posts and the installation of tensioning elements. An improperly stretched fence looks unsightly and requires corrections after a few months. To avoid them, it is worth asking a second person for help, thanks to which tensioning the mesh will be much easier.

Check out our online store for a full variety of chain link fences.

Disadvantages of using wooden fencing

Material used in the production of the fence is a considerable and probably the most important aspect. A wooden fence is extremely charming and atmospheric. Although in order to maintain its longevity, it is necessary to take into account demanding maintenance. That includes, among others, time consuming impregnation. Regardless of the type of protection, a wooden fence will always be more susceptible to any kind of damage compared to steel fencing.

Timeless fence panels

Fence panels are one of the most popular options for fencing a recreational plot. Their assembly requires concrete or deep digging of the posts, so it is quite time-consuming. However, the work pays off. The finished panel fence is very durable and it looks very aesthetically pleasing. For an even better effect, you can embed the panels on a decorative foundation. In addition to their decorative function concrete slabs serve as a protection. Thanks to them, a stray dog ​​or other animal will not enter the plot by digging a hole under it.

Panel fencing is perfect for plots of land whose owners want to keep the area as visible as possible, for example due to the beautiful landscape surrounding the plot. “Openwork” panels ensure high transparency, blending well with any terrain and architectural style. A fence for a plot of land made of such panels is inexpensive, aesthetic and effective.

For more in-depth information about panel fencing, check this article on our blog.

Tips for fencing a recreational plot

There are a lot of things to remember when putting up a fence around a recreational plot. Here are five useful pointers for an efficient fencing:

  • It is forbidden to erect fences higher than 2 meters without the appropriate permit.
  • At a height less than 1.8 meter, there should be no sharp objects at the top of the fence
  • The minimum width of the entrance gate should be at least 2.4 meters
  • The entrance wicket should be at least 0.9 meter wide
  • Fencing for a recreational area may require more gates and wickets for various reasons. It is worth considering this issue at the very beginning of planning the fence.

What factors to consider when choosing a fence for a recreational plot?

Here are some important factors for recreational plot owners, that will make it easier to decide on the right fencing:

  • Aesthetic values
  • Adjustment to other elements of the property, as well as the neighboring properties
  • Functionality that allows comfortable use, for example more gates or wickets
  • Security against possible theft or the presence of wild animals, if the property is located next to the forest
  • Personal preferences
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