Why is it worth choosing a steel fence?

Steel fences are very popular in the UK. They are durable, aesthetic, easy to install and very diverse. It is easy to find one that perfectly blends in with the surroundings. If it is a practical and stylish complement to the arrangement of the property, that’s even better. Why is it worth choosing a steel fence?

The most popular types of steel fences

There is a whole variety of steel fences on the market. The simplest and cheapest type is chain link fencing. It is fastened on vertical spans. Mesh fence protects the property against wild animals and intrusion. It will last for many years in good condition, if assembled properly.

Recently, instead of fence mesh, more and more often land owners choose practical 2D and 3D fencing panels. They consist of steel wires embedded in a frame. They are thicker and stiffer than those in the wire mesh. Thanks to that, the fence does not bend under pressure. It is stiff and resistant. The 3D panels are not made with straight wires. They are decorated with an embossing, creating a three-dimensional effect. Thanks to that, the fence also has more aesthetic value.

Characteristics of fencing panels

Steel panel fences can withstand quite heavy loads. They can be a permanent protection of any property. These types of structures consist of special modules (panels) embedded in a frame. They are very easy to install, light and resistant to adverse weather conditions. Among all kinds of steel panel fences, you can find fillings made out of ordinary fencing mesh or thick steel spans. The second solution is much more effective and provides better protection.

Many panel fences have decorative patterns that can emphasize the style of the surroundings. They are eagerly chosen as fencing for many modern properties. Simple assembly and relatively low weight makes them very versatile. You must pay special attention to how the steel is protected against rust. Panel fences should be galvanized or at least protected with a good quality anti-corrosion agent.

Wire mesh fencing

Wire mesh fencing is the cheapest and most popular type of steel fencing. It consists of vertical spans and an ordinary fence mesh. It may not look the most attractive, but it is sufficiently protective. If you assemble it properly, it will survive in perfect condition for several years. Mesh structures are perfect for both permanent and temporary fencing. You can disassemble the net and use it again and again if it is properly stored.

Before buying wire mesh fencing, you must pay special attention to its specificity. The way it is secured is also important. It is recommended that the wire diameter should not be less than 3 mm. The combination of thick wires with the smallest possible mesh size will make the structure resistant to mechanical damage. It will also better fulfill its protective functions. The mesh should be secured with a zinc coating or an additional PVC coating. The choice between them depends on the preferences and individual needs of the owner.

Stock fencing and its steel construction

Stock fencing is characterized by simplicity, quick assembly and – thanks to various sizes – very good protection against wild animals. These features positively influence the use of it for fencing off highways, expressways, orchards and private lands.

Stock fences are made out of specially braided galvanized wires. The method of braiding ensures flexibility and safety – both for people and animals. The advantage of stock fencing is the exceptional simplicity of execution and the price, which is definitely lower than other types.

For more information on characteristics of stock fencing, check this article on our blog.

Exceptional durability and strength

Due to the openwork structure, metal fences may seem light and not very durable. Fortunately that is not the case. Modern technologies are used in a production of such fences, like welding, hot dip galvanizing, powder coating. They give metal fences exceptional durability. They are protected against corrosion for many years and do not allow deformation. Even a wire mesh will last for several years without damage, if it is secured with zinc or PVC coating.

Perhaps the greatest advantage of metal fences is their resistance to mechanical damage. In this respect, they outperform other types of fences. The rails of wooden fences will break much more easily than steel or aluminum. Concrete can crumble. Metal will withstand downpours and blows. It will not break under the influence of impact or weight. It will survive almost anything. Also, it will not succumb to the worst weather and uninvited guests. It is a fence that is not easy to cross. That is why you see steel fences so often around private homes as well as schools, kindergartens and public buildings. They are universal because they work best, as they are durable and safe.

The mechanical damage and environmental factors make any fence age. The older the structure, the worse its condition. That translates not only into its appearance, but also its efficiency. Unlike wood, metal ages very slowly. Single fence can last for generations with little maintenance such as lubrication of moving parts.

Steel fencing and its aesthetic value

A lot of people think that a fence is the showpiece of their home. There is a lot of truth in that. No wonder that aesthetics play an important role when choosing the perfect fence. Metal fences have a lot to offer in this regard. Their exceptional lightness and slenderness are eye-catching. The seemingly raw structure can be skillfully adapted by selecting the appropriate arrangement form. The choice of shapes is basically unlimited. Considerable workability is also associated with the possibility of selecting any color of the fence.

Steel is a universal material that can be used to create fences in virtually any style – from luxurious, classic design to modern minimalism. The plasticity of steel and the high level of technology make it possible to implement the owner’s most fanciful ideas.

Price of steel fencing

The price of metal fence depends on:

  • estimated dimensions of the fence – the height and length of the spans
  • width and size of the wicket and gate (if we want to adjust it later to the fence)
  • method of protection against corrosion
  • type of posts and the material from which the fence is made

The cheapest type of steel fencing are fencing mesh products. Before buying them, you must pay special attention to their quality. Avoid the cheapest wire mesh equipped with a thin mesh. Especially one that isn’t protected against corrosion. The low price may seem attractive. However, the cheapest mesh requires time-consuming maintenance and can deteriorate quickly. A much better solution is to buy good-quality, galvanized mesh with a wire diameter of at least 3 mm. If you are looking for something affordable and temporary, invest in our stock fencing. You will not be disappointed.

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