Wire mesh fencing for large plots of land

Relatively cheap, convenient, quick to install and neat in appearance. Wire mesh fencing is perfect for securing large areas.

Plot owners are often faced with the question: what kind of fence should I choose to be completely satisfied? Fencing panels, nets, hedges, wood fences. The choice is extremely wide. The final decision should be dictated by practical, aesthetic and economic reasons.

To fence or not to fence?

Owners of much larger plots of land, covering several hectares, sometimes give up installing a fence. They often assume that their neighbors are familiar with the boundaries of the plots occupied in the vicinity. Moreover, these large plots of land are often adjacent to a forest or a field. That often suggests that there is no need to separate them. This involves costs that seem unnecessary.

How to save money on fencing?

In the case of small plots of land, the financial aspect is the least important because the cost of the fence is not drastically high, regardless of the material chosen. The situation changes in the case of large plots of land, like green areas, recreational areas, warehouses and housing estates. If such area does not require maximum protection, it is worth considering investing in a wire mesh fence that will bring real savings.

Wire meshes, both braided and welded are technologically a simpler product than panels. They are also less demanding in terms of assembly technique. That makes them cheaper by several percent. It is easy to calculate that with a large acreage, you can save a really considerable amount both on materials and on assembly costs.

Greater flexibility

Most importantly, wire mesh fencing is noticeably a more flexible product, especially the woven type. This aspect is especially crucial when you enclose plots located on uneven terrain. The net gives you a lot of room for maneuver when it comes to its tension and adaptation to the hills and drops in the area.

Due to the fact that the wire mesh is available in long rolls, it can be installed faster and more efficiently. It is true that the installation on the aforementioned uneven terrain requires a bit of skill and knowledge. Especially on how to stretch it correctly. But fastening the mesh to the poles themselves is much easier. This is another feature that translates into lower fencing costs.

Why is it important to fence off a large plot of land?

So what about caring for the health of your children? Having children is associated with the obligation to care for their safety. The proximity of the forest can be dangerous. Wild animals can easily appear on the plot. It’s worth remembering that children and adolescents are often curious. A frightened deer, despite its rather gentle nature, can cause harm.

Another issue is the nearby roads, as well as forest paths. Traffic on these roads does not have to be significant to create a hazard. You cannot be sure that a vehicle that passes by your plot will obey the regulations and drive carefully.

It is worth remembering that the owner of the plot is responsible for everything that happens on the site. Persons staying on private property, in case of any undesirable events, may hold the owner responsible. Each plot, regardless of its size, should be marked with the letter of the law.

If the owner decides not to install a fence, he has to take into account certain legal consequences. If an animal or a stranger does damage on private property, it will be justified to some extent. The lack of clearly demarcated boundaries over a large area can be confusing to uninvited guests. Their duties do not include studying the development plans of a given area – an unfenced area can also be treated as an encouragement. Practice shows that you need to mark your plot of land so that it is not considered a no man’s land.

Safety and anti-corrosion abilities of wire mesh

Although chain link fencing is noticeably cheaper, it still fulfills its protective role: it makes it difficult for intruders to enter the protected area, and it is also difficult to cut. It has a zinc protection and some models also have an additional coating. It translates into resistance to changing weather conditions.

Longevity is one of the features that every customer buying a new fence should pay attention to. Meanwhile, this topic is often overlooked, because the main emphasis is on the price of the product, ensuring the safety of the property or attractive appearance. These are of course the most important factors, but durability must not be forgotten.

Properly prepared wire mesh will make you forget about the need for frequent maintenance, and the topic of fence replacement due to its wear will not bother you. All you have to do is pay attention to the coating technology.

Advanced galvanization process

At our company, we focus on the perfect preparation of each product for use. One of the techniques we use is galvanizing – applying a layer of zinc to the wires. It effectively protects the steel against oxidation and corrosion.

The standard zinc coating wears out and the speed of this process depends on environmental circumstances. In order to minimize the shrinkage rate of the coating, we have created a special aluminum zinc alloy which extends the service life by 2-3 times.

PVC – durable synthetic coating

In many of our products, we additionally use synthetic coating, which not only enhances the galvanizing effect, but also looks very elegant. Fences protected in this way are therefore both safe and visually attractive. PVC is a layer of plastic with which we mainly cover woven and welded meshes sold in rolls.

To find affordable PVC coated chain link fencing, check out our online store.

Wire mesh fencing and its aesthetics

Chain link fences are aesthetically neat and blend in with the fenced area. What’s more, braided models are sometimes as attractive as panels, which is why we strongly recommend them to people who appreciate the nice appearance of the fence.

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